Conductr: iPad Ableton Live Controller for Live Performance

An Customizable iPad App Designed with Live Performance in Mind

There are no shortage of iPad apps for music making on the market.  Even Ableton Live controller apps have carved a niche in the iTunes store.  There are many really great ones, Touchable, Lemur, and LivKontrol all come to mind, and each offer something unique that makes them worth the purchase.  If you want some recommendations, check out my list of AfroDJMac-approved apps.  Only the stuff I like and actually use make the cut.  

Conductr is one of the newer players on the Ableton Live controller app scene.  Where many of the other offerings pack attempt to give you control of nearly every feature in Live, Conductr allows you to add control only to the parameters you want to manipulate.  Conductr allows you to create your own customized modules that contain only the stuff you want, and the rest is left behind.  My personal favorite feature, and one unique to Conductr is the Gestural Mode.  This mode promises control without the need to look at the iPad.  You can set up four parameters that are controlled by swiping one, two, three, or four fingers across your iPad.  This way you don’t have to look at the iPad to make sure you are touching in exactly the right place.  Conductr can tell what you want it to do based on how many fingers you touch it with.  Very cool!  As an actual user, the folks at Conductr have been kind enough to include me on their artist page, check it out

Below is a very thorough, 3 part review of Conductr from Ableton Live Expert.  Check it out and then download Conductr, it’s free! 

Night Park has put together another really awesome album.  I love the vibe and mood of these tracks.  The music is really interesting and unusual.  The album features the use of a few AfroDJMac Ableton Packs, including The Tuned 808 Bass and the Noises/Risers/Swooshes Packs.

I’ve posted about Night Park’s work before, on another excellent album here.

New free #ableton live pack: MandoBass! A multi-sampled Mandolin!

8-Bit Reverb and More Goodies from Animus Invidious

Free Ableton Live Goodies From Animus Invidious

For quite a while now, Animus Invidious has been releasing some really cool free Ableton Live Packs on his web site PerforModule.  Mostly focusing on Audio Effect Racks, he has built up quite a collection.  After his most recent one, 8-Bit Reverb, I felt I needed to post about it to let you know!  Here’s a description of what you can expect:

"PerforModule Devices are audio effects, midi effects, and instruments for Ableton Live 9 optimized to incur minimal processor usage and sound artifacts while retaining excellent sound quality and avoiding useless or detrimental setting possibilities — making them ideal for live performance (although not all of them are meant for performance — many are studio-based). They are meant to be used as “modules” to combine into custom effect racks made from multiple devices. All device parameters are carefully plotted to avoid any odd volume spikes or other unpleasantness, and to result in useful and variant results from every possible setting. They come in various types based upon # of knobs & function, including “uno”, and “innov”. PerforModule Devices are imagined and created by Animus Invidious."  —

What I think is cool about some of these devices is that they can inspire creativity.  A lot of times when I’m running low on ideas or inspiration, I’ll look around for some Instruments or Effects other people are creating.  It’s usually not very long before I find a new technique, sound, or way of using familiar tools that I haven’t thought of myself.  PerforModule is a great source for just that sort of thing. 

A New 8-Bit Album from Animus Invidious and St. Bernard

After you take a look at some of the cool Ableton Live devices he has to offer, check out Animus’ new 8-Bit themed album, made in collaboration with St. Bernard.  They are currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise some money.  So if you like what he is doing for the music production community, consider giving back and helping him press his latest album!  

PS.  Animus let me know that some of the 8-Bit sounds came from my Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack!  How cool is that!?

Chilled, noisy, instrumental music made from a collection of ambient sounds and sampled instruments. Recorded in Ableton Live to a Tascam 388 8 track reel to reel.

Made with the follow AfroDJMac Ableton Live Packs:

Ambient Noise Collaboration:

Space Forest Ableton Live Instruments:…for-ableton-live

Korg Volca Beats:…?q=volca%20beats

Sub Bass:…ass?q=sub%20bass

A cartoon I made a few years ago, enjoy!

Free Ableton Live Pack made with an electric bass.  Get it here.

Conductr is an amazing Ableton Live controller app.  My favorite part is the performance mode that lets you control stuff without looking at the iPad!  Really awesome and totally FREE!

Brett Handersohn put out this nice instrumental track using some sounds from the AfroDJMac Roland Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack.  Give it a listen and check out the Pack!

Nice track from hollow product using the Korg Volca Beats Ableton Live Pack .  Sounds like a high speed chase through a city of the future!

Big Time Washed-Up Player made this awesome track, with some really cool sounds (some of which are AfroDJMac sounds :) Very cool!  Love the vibe!

Here’s a cool track from Brett Handersohn  featuring a whole bunch of AfroDJMac sounds.  Really nice feel here!  Check it out!

A brand new Free Ableton Live Pack: EQ8 Filters.  Enjoy!