Night Park has put together another really awesome album.  I love the vibe and mood of these tracks.  The music is really interesting and unusual.  The album features the use of a few AfroDJMac Ableton Packs, including The Tuned 808 Bass and the Noises/Risers/Swooshes Packs.

I’ve posted about Night Park’s work before, on another excellent album here.

Chilled, noisy, instrumental music made from a collection of ambient sounds and sampled instruments. Recorded in Ableton Live to a Tascam 388 8 track reel to reel.

Made with the follow AfroDJMac Ableton Live Packs:

Ambient Noise Collaboration:

Space Forest Ableton Live Instruments:…for-ableton-live

Korg Volca Beats:…?q=volca%20beats

Sub Bass:…ass?q=sub%20bass

A cartoon I made a few years ago, enjoy!

Free Ableton Live Pack made with an electric bass.  Get it here.

Brett Handersohn put out this nice instrumental track using some sounds from the AfroDJMac Roland Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack.  Give it a listen and check out the Pack!

Check out Tanner Woodworth’s work.  Tanner created some of the art for my Super 8 Bit Ableton Live Pack.  He is a talented guy!

Yamaha DX7 Digi-Instruments Ableton Live Pack

Get the sound of the 80s most popular synth inside Ableton Live!  56 Ableton Live instruments created 18 different DX7 presets!

more info

Here’s an interesting piece from Reptuno(?)’s music that makes use of my Mom’s Piano for Ableton Live.  Really cool sounds and you can hear my family talking in super high pitched alien voices in the background!  So cool!

Mark Mosher has released a new Album!

Mark Mosher has put out a new record, the third in an alien invasion concept series!  Check it out!  Be sure to follow his blog Modulate This!

Mark and I collaborated a while back on a few Ableton Live Packs.  Check out the Zebra Attack Part 1 and Part 2 for Ableton Live!

Make Music without Music Theory!

Tutorial and Free Ableton Live Rack to help get it done at

Beautiful Double Album from Phonographiq

Awesome new music from Phonographiq. It’s a double album! There are some AfroDJMac Ableton Packs lurking around on here too. I’m very proud to have lent a small hand :) Sit back, relax and enjoy the vibe!