A cartoon I made a few years ago, enjoy!

Free Ableton Live Pack made with an electric bass.  Get it here.

Conductr is an amazing Ableton Live controller app.  My favorite part is the performance mode that lets you control stuff without looking at the iPad!  Really awesome and totally FREE!  http://www.conductr.net

Brett Handersohn put out this nice instrumental track using some sounds from the AfroDJMac Roland Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack.  Give it a listen and check out the Pack!

Nice track from hollow product using the Korg Volca Beats Ableton Live Pack .  Sounds like a high speed chase through a city of the future!

Big Time Washed-Up Player made this awesome track, with some really cool sounds (some of which are AfroDJMac sounds :) Very cool!  Love the vibe!

Here’s a cool track from Brett Handersohn  featuring a whole bunch of AfroDJMac sounds.  Really nice feel here!  Check it out!

A brand new Free Ableton Live Pack: EQ8 Filters.  Enjoy!

Check out Chris Lee’s track for the Nimbus Mix Contest!  It features a few of my #Ableton Live Packs: The 100th Free Ableton Live Pack: Electric Guitar Synths and Casio VL-1 for Ableton Live  Really cool track!

Check out Tanner Woodworth’s work.  Tanner created some of the art for my Super 8 Bit Ableton Live Pack.  He is a talented guy!

Yamaha DX7 Digi-Instruments Ableton Live Pack

Get the sound of the 80s most popular synth inside Ableton Live!  56 Ableton Live instruments created 18 different DX7 presets!

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