New track featuring the same bass as in the new Free Ableton Live Pack

This is cool! Turn your music into wallpaper :)

Conductr is an amazing Ableton Live controller app.  My favorite part is the performance mode that lets you control stuff without looking at the iPad!  Really awesome and totally FREE!

Such a fun band, Telekenetic Walrus from Miami, rocking Harlem last night. They’re playing Piano’s in NYC’s Lower East Side Tuesday night. Go! But be ready to dance the entire time!

Playing some guitar for Chris P Cauley tonight. Also playing MY SUMMER! At Fat Baby NYC 112 Rivington St.

Analog #prophet08 meets #soulsby #atmegatron digital 8 bit synth … 😎

Brett Handersohn put out this nice instrumental track using some sounds from the AfroDJMac Roland Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack.  Give it a listen and check out the Pack!

Got some great sales at the AfroDJMac store this weekend, check it out

It is waaaaaaaay too easy to buy things online. #soulsby #atmegatron #8bit

Hearing thunder? It’s probably just my “lightning speed” drumming! Dear “Sticks,” I’m sad you missed out on a great opportunity for rad use of “z” for plurality or even a hip “x” for “cks” sounds!

Nice track from hollow product using the Korg Volca Beats Ableton Live Pack .  Sounds like a high speed chase through a city of the future!

Wow #v-drums controlling MIDI… I should have done this years ago!

Pine Percussion



A kit of percussion recorded in the hills of Israel’s Carmel region. While meandering through this fire destroyed forest, I came across a number of fallen trees, many with crispy blackened pinecones and brittle branches still in tact.

This Free Ableton Live Pack includes an assortment of these sounds all programmed into Drum Racks - optimized for (but not limited to) Push integration. Enjoy!

Download for Live 9