Awww yea!! Boom boom!

Some motivational words I did for 30 Seconds or Less…

Teen Power has released an Ableton Live Pack based on the Roland Alpha Juno-1.  It sounds pretty cool and well worth the buck he is charging for it!  Check it out!

Here’s an interesting piece from Reptuno(?)’s music that makes use of my Mom’s Piano for Ableton Live.  Really cool sounds and you can hear my family talking in super high pitched alien voices in the background!  So cool!

Here’s a tutorial on sequencing drums with Ableton’s Push.  Many thanks to Winksound for the editing! 

All sounds made with my Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack

Mark Mosher has released a new Album!

Mark Mosher has put out a new record, the third in an alien invasion concept series!  Check it out!  Be sure to follow his blog Modulate This!

Mark and I collaborated a while back on a few Ableton Live Packs.  Check out the Zebra Attack Part 1 and Part 2 for Ableton Live!

The Ableton Buddy has got some cool free stuff on his site, check it out! 

Got a new free one for you! Woodwind synths for #ableton live! Go get it